Your Cultural Benefits

Further explore your Italian heritage and celebrate the pride that comes with being of Italian descent.
Claim your Italian citizenship, which was passed on to you at birth, and pass it to your descendants!

Your Travel

As an Italian citizen you are by default a citizen of the European Union where you may enjoy the freedom to live, work, travel, or study in any one of the EU countries without needing a VISA. There are no time limits: stay in Italy as long as you wish.

Your Real Estate

Have you ever dreamt of owning a property in the Bel Paese? Now you can!

Your Career

As a dual citizen you can seek employment in Italy or in the EU, or start your own business!

Your Health care

Italian citizens have access to the comprehensive and accessible national healthcare system.

Your Education

As a dual citizen you – and your children if they become Italian as well – can elect to study in Italy and enroll in the excellent system of public colleges and universities at a fraction of the cost than in the U.S.

Your Civil Rights and Duties

As an Italian citizen living abroad, you are required to register with the AIRE (Registry of the Italians Living Abroad) through your local Italian Embassy/Consulate. It is also your right and responsibility, even if residing overseas, to vote in the Italian elections through your local Italian Embassy/Consulate.

Your Retirement

Enjoy the Italian Dolce Vita and reward yourself with your retirement plans Made in Italy!



Your start to finish program towards preparing and submitting your Italian citizenship application

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Translation of Vital Records

We master the language and the required forms of translations

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